Calibration in three weeks or less. Guaranteed.*

With the time and money you invest in every deployment, you need to be sure your instruments are as accurate as possible. We've made annual calibration faster and easier than ever before, so you can be sure you're collecting the best data.

Three steps to better data:

Step 1

Fill out the form above and we'll send you a quote and shipping instructions.

Step 2

Package and
 ship your instruments.

Step 3
Asset 1

We'll complete the calibration and send them back in three weeks or less.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

stopwatch-solid When does the clock start?

We start timing when your instruments arrive and stop when we ship them back.

repair What services are included?

We add new O-rings, new desiccant, and new batteries to every instrument.

hashtag-solid How many can I send?

We guarantee up to a total of 15 channels of calibration in a single shipment. 

* the simple fine print

The Three or Free guarantee is simple, so there isn't much fine print. We will inspect, calibrate, and ship your qualifying instruments back to you within three weeks of receiving them. If we don't, the calibration is free.

There are some situations that aren't covered under the guarantee, but we think you'll see they follow common sense. The guarantee does not apply to instruments requiring repair, titanium instruments, instruments in cages, thermistor strings, non-RBR sensors, or instruments integrated into floats, gliders, or AUVs. We guarantee up to a total of 15 channels of calibration in a single shipment.

Our goal is to get you back in the water as quickly as possible, no matter what you need calibrated or repaired. If your instruments don't qualify, we will provide you with an expected completion date within two business days after receiving your shipment.

It's that simple.