Meet Ruskin, RBR's all-in-one software tool

Webinar | December 7, 2022 | 11:00am ET

Go beyond data analysis. Discover how Ruskin helps oceanographers and engineers select the right instruments, easily simulate deployments, and more.

Join us for an inside look at Ruskin's many capabilities

In this highly interactive session, we'll cover how to get the most out of this free software at all stages of your project - from planning to deployment to post-processing.

• Discover how Ruskin can help you select the right instrument for your research goals and plan more effective deployments.

• Learn how Ruskin estimates battery autonomy and memory usage for different scenarios.

• Dive into Ruskin's data visualization, processing, and analysis tools - accessible on your desktop or on the go.

BONUS: Attendees get an exclusive Ruskin tip-sheet.


Who should attend?

Whether you are curious about using RBR instruments, are new to RBR or Ruskin, or are a current Ruskin user looking for additional tips and tricks, this webinar is for you. 

Can't make it live? No problem. Register anyway and we'll send you a link to the recording.  

Want to get an 'inside look' at Ruskin's features and functionality?
Want to see what makes Ruskin different?
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Meet your presenter

Candace Smith, RBR Product Marketing Manager

As a former Technical Sales Manager at RBR, Candace has spent years working directly with customers to understand their research goals and determine instrumentation solutions that best meet their needs. She joined RBR in 2018, after completing a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s degree in physical oceanography.

Want to learn more about RBR instruments?

Since 1973, RBR has created instruments to measure the blue planet. From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap, our sensors track water parameters - temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH, and many others. Click below to browse our extensive line of oceanographic instruments. 

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